Meet the UMass Create Fellows

Lulu Amirault

Photo of Lulu

Hi! My name is Lulu Amirault and I’m currently a senior Classics/Communication major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In addition to my academic pursuits, I also am the president of the Her Campus chapter at my school and the station manager at our university’s student-run public access station. When not on campus, you can probably find me in my room re-reading books, watching Arrested Development on Netflix, or spending hours researching and analyzing Greek myths and social media for my thesis. I also love to create videos of my friends and I. I’m excited about being a fellow because it gives me both an outlet for my creativity and also a place to express who I am.

Florinda Cardoso

Photo of Florinda

Hello! My name is Florinda Cardoso and I am a junior here at University of Massachusetts Amherst. I plan on majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in the College of Natural Sciences. With my degree I would like to help maintain wildlife populations and environments that are in danger of disappearing. Right now my heart has fallen to the wonderful birds that inhabit the wild and trees! I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with these creatures in the great outdoors during my lifetime. When I am not studying I like to travel. I love exploring neighboring conservation areas so I can retreat to the wild. I also love to travel across the globe. In June of 2017 I traveled to a few countries in Europe and it was not only paradise, but the best time of my life. When I am not traveling I am practicing my photography skills, knitting, painting, writing, and biking. I plan to make my domain into a blog of events relating to my field and relating to my journey and experiences through life.

Rachael Enfield

Photo of Rachael

My name is Rachael Enfield, I am a junior at UMass Amherst. I am majoring in Food Science and anticipating a minor in Computer Science. I enjoy designing websites in my free time and have taken a couple of courses in it. I work with 3D printers in the Digital Media Lab and am doing research using bioprinters to 3D print food. I use my domains to explore concepts people don’t generally associate together, like food science and computer science or video games and learning.

Edward Wong

Photo of Edward

Hi! My name is Edward Wong. I am currently a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, working towards a degree in Pre-Veterinary Animal Science. Born in Washington, I have always been on the move. Since then, I have lived in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts, having seen most of the continental US along the way. After my degree, I plan on going to Tuft’s Veterinary School.
Between my studies and clubs, I enjoy video editing, writing, and rock climbing. I especially enjoy working in Final Cut Pro X. My time at the Digital Media Lab has exposed to me to various wonderful programs, including Adobe Premier and Logic Pro X. Each of these programs gives me a new creative outlet to exercise any stress that might be generated during the day.

Samuel Wong

Photo of Samuel

My name is Samuel Wong and I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I am interested in aerospace engineering and in my free time, I enjoy reading articles on updates in the field. I have a particular fascination for futurism and megastructure projects such as lunar bases, terraforming and dyson swarms. I hope to be able to introduce the concept and idea of a wide array of megastructures in layman’s terms to all those who are curious.